-Well behaved pets are allowed but must remain on a leash at all times.

-ID checked at gate for waiver and everyone needs to sign a waiver.

-Children under 18 must be with a parent or legal guardian- NO EXCEPTIONS

-Competitors must check in at venue, tech, and MUST be present for drivers meeting.

-Speed limit through camping, pit, spectator area, or track is 5MPH anyone seen speeding will be asked to leave.

-Spectators will stay in spectator areas and safety designed areas.

-Photographers that are not on staff or giving permission by track owners will stay in spectator areas or photographer designed areas unless other permission is giving.

-ATV'S and Golf carts will be allowed for transportation ONLY for mud truck participants that need to get tools, etc. during competition.

-ATV'S/SXS'S and Dirt bikes may NOT be used by spectators.

-Golf carts ONLY may be used by spectators.

-Use trash barrels.

-Official ruling is Final.


- Be courteous and respectful

-Quiet time 10pm ( Its OK to talk and listen to music etc. but no one on track and no revving of engines, no running vehicles etc.)

-Fire rings or grill permissible.

-Any fighting or loud disorderly conduct will be escorted off the property and if necessary authorities will be called.

-Keep it family friendly.


-All participants must be a licensed driver 16 years and older.

-Must wear helmet


-Must have neck brace

-Rollcage recommended 

-Fire Extinguisher

-Seat belts

-Front and rear recovery point

-Exhaust cannot be pointed out towards spectators.

-Pay at participant Gate/ check in with tech.

-Neutral Safety switch

-Class 5,6,7,8 Mandatory drive shaft loop.

-Mandatory drivers meeting for ALL classes.

-All Vehicles must have adequate brakes.

-Tire size stand, "no small tires in big tire class."

-Tire size is determined by what is stamped on the tire side wall.

-All four tires must match in Classes 1-6.

-Passenger (only one passenger is allowed same safety requirements as driver)

Class 1

-Registered and DOT legal class.


-Inspection sticker

-Street legal

-No power adders

-Legal exhaust

-This is a daily driver class "Come on folks this is just for fun Not a high competition class!"

Class 2

-4 and 6 Cylinders

-Up to 44"

-No cuts

-No skimming

-No power adders

Class 3

-35" and down


-DOT street legal

-No power adders

Class 4



-DOT street legal

-No power adders

Class 5

-39" and up


-DOT street legal

-No power adders

Class 6 (1 Ton Mega)

-44" and up

-Run what you "brung"




-No Scoops

-No OPS Chassis

-No rails

-Power adders Allowed

Class 7 (2.5 Ton Mega)

-V-Treads only

-Power adders Allowed

Class 8 (open)

-Any tire





-Power adders Allowed

-This is a OPS - Rail - Stager tire anything goes class

Obstacle Course

-All Vehicles must have a roll cage

-All Four wheelers / Dirt bikes must have a chest protector

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